Tell me more about the future of BRIAN.

Using elements of goal theory, nudge theory and behavioural science combined with intuitive algorithms, BRIAN, with the help of the community, will support and motivate you. In the future BRIAN will gently ‘nudge’ you to keep you on track of your goals, directing you to communities who shares your passions.

Is my data safe?

We are building BRIAN from a position of security. As BRIAN grows you will only share the information you want.

I like the idea, but my goals are personal.

If you don’t want to engage and participate in a community that’s OK, simply use BRIAN to manage your own interests. Sharing is not essential.

I’m unsure how I can use BRIAN.

Think about what it is you want to learn or improve on, it can be anything, anything at all. Browse your chosen topic from any part of the internet and organise your findings in BRIAN. Whether you are mastering a new skill, researching for work or pleasure or simply being curious about a topic of interest, the possibilities are endless. See how others use BRIAN here

Sounds great, how do I get BRIAN?

BRIAN is available today on iphone and android. In the future we will be releasing desktop versions.

I'd like to know more...