AI Assisted Learning 

Enabling Success


Our Goal

At Ai Assisted Learning, our goal is to bring together individuals that have knowledge to share, with those that want to learn.


We learn from each other. We learn from those around us. We learn from doing.

When we are motivated, supported and engaged about a subject we are unstoppable!

When we are isolated, unsure and doubting some topics can overwhelm us.

By building a safe online space, where you can manage your goals, learn from others and share what you know we aim to create a world where life-long learning is as easy as scrolling through Instagram. 


Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Man Reaching Star

Great things come from humble beginnings

Like any goal, to ensure success we are starting small. 

Our first step in building this technology is BRIAN

In the future

BRIAN is a simple app allowing you to collate your interests and goals. 

By building topic boards of your interests you can use BRIAN to collect your thoughts, notes,m ideas and online research. 

But, BRIAN will become so much more...

BRIAN will enable you to seek out communities that share your passions. 


Distribute and consume knowledge...

and ultimately be supported in your goals, whatever they may be.  

How will we do this?

Using elements of goal theory, nudge theory and behavioural science combined with intuitive algorithms, BRIAN, with the help of the community, will support and motivate you. 


In the future BRIAN will gently ‘nudge’ you to keep you on track of your goals, directing you to communities who share

your passions.